Janice Cloth

Aug 14th 2017

My friend wanted me to make them some dishcloths, so I did. It was a bit difficult to see the stitches (may need a new pair of glasses). Wooden hook did not slide very easily through the two yarns so I would suggest aluminum hook, “Scrub It” (3 balls) by Mary Maxim and “Scrubbie” (1 ball) by Red Heart. I used up all the yarn including the little flowers which are f

rom scraps.

Simple pattern for those Tunisian connoisseurs: With “Scrub It” chain 25, sk first ch, sc across (24 sc), turn, pull up a loop in each sc (25 loops), complete Afghan stitch for 16 rows. Sl st from right to left over all stitches, ch1 turn, sc across. bind off and weave in ends. With “Scrubbie” sc around placing 3 sc in each corner, bind off weave in ends.

Flowers: With adjustable loop ch 3, (2dc, ch3, slst in loop) 4 times, pull loop tight, secure ends and sew to cloth.