Mama's Blanket

Mama's Blanket

Posted by Freddie on Aug 10th 2017

My mother got this present for Christmas from her sweet Grandson and Granddaughter-in-law, Haley and Huey.There is a very nice monogram on it.

So my mother asked me to put an edging on which I did.As I was making this edging I noticed that there was a hole in the blanket near the edge.It looked like someone had pulled the tag out and left 1/4" hole in the fabric.

Not a problem for any of our proficient stitchers here, right?So I looked through ravelry ( and after testing a few butterflies chose this one by Apark (Anna Pakura).Make sure to go visit her page!

Thank you, Anna, for this wonderful design for me to use for my mother's blanket.

I'll post another pic when it is finished.

Happy Stitching!