Yarned Over: Showers Bring Flowers 5/18/19



All done, have to wait to next time!

We had so much fun and everyone made a flower.  Hopefully, I'll get to see some finished products.

Hey!  Spring is upon us!  So, come hang out with us on the 3rd Saturday of May, the 18th, at 10:00am to make crocheted and knitted flowers.  Cost is $10/person and includes one ball of yarn, instruction and pattern.  Bring a size H-8 hook or size 8 needles, which can also be purchased the day of event.  Crochet stiches used are slst, ch sc and dc. K's and P's for knitters.  Each person will pick out a different color of yarn and then pass to the right to make another rose in a different color.  Lets have a "Fiber Fun Day!